Old fashioned medical care

"Tesla already comes to my home to fix my car. Guess my doctor should come here to care for me."

One of our first patients said this is "...the best upgrade of your life."  Our concierge medical team sees you at your home or your office.    

If you are a moderately healthy adult, this is how a typical concierge plan starts with us: 

  • First, our MAs draw labs, run ECG and other relevant tests in your home.
  • A few days later, the doctor comes to your home for your executive physical and in-depth discussion -- with YOUR lab and test results in already in hand.
  • You'll have a meaningful discussion during the very first appointment. 
  • No rush, there is time to discuss your needs and goals.  
  • Your provider will follow up with a written plan custom to what you both discussed.  
  • Going forward: 24/7 phone access, never rushed, same day or next day appointments in your home or your office.

Our concierge patients want more than superficial answers.  Like you, they want the time to discuss their medical options in a calm and thoughtful way.

Check the "Team" page to find out more about our medical staff.

Concierge plans include:

  • 24/7 access to medical staff who know you.
  • Annual executive physical with an hour-long detailed face-to-face consult 
  • Free telemedicine consults for existing patients
  • Free routine lab draws in your home as needed.
  • Discounts off any daytime house calls
  • Discounts off any night time (even 2 AM) house calls
  • Discounts for additional family members

Concierge Doctor - Cutting edge - Personal and private

Medicine has changed over the past 20 to 40 years with massive additions of technology — and almost complete loss of that deep personal doctor-patient relationship cherished by so many families.  

We feel that our patients uniquely receive both, thanks to our approach.   

Our medical staff feels this quote from a Washington Post article sums it up nicely:


As a physician “….I would reinvent myself today as a “confidentialist”.  Someone who has the time to really get to know a patient.  Someone available to be confided in.  An advocate, not just for the moment, but across time.  An explainer about what’s wrong; an educator about what will help and what will not.   Someone who has the knowledge and confident wisdom to stand down the legions of specialists with the scalpels, catheters and scopes; the backbone to stand up to bottom-line toeing administrators and self-serving insurance execs and policy wonks.”    - Jerald Winakur MD

It’s a heck of a job.  We love it.

This is what our concierge patients ask us to be for them.  Deliver personal care and treatment that is focused on them and their loved ones.  Excellent care delivered throughout the year in the privacy of your home or office, 24/7, whenever needed.   That means that, yes, we will get out of bed at 3AM and come to you.   We will even listen to you at 3 AM.

If you want this relationship, then it’s time for an honest discussion about how to have a private physician 24/7 and still leverage ObamaCare or an individual PPO insurance in YOUR favor for a change.

The Challenges

#1:  Many folks hate individual or Covered California PPO insurance because they CAN’T find a primary care doctor — and especially not one that they love in-network.

#2:  The coverage for prescriptions, lab tests, specialists and hospitalizations in most PPO or Covered California plans does what many people want reasonable well, other than perhaps the size of the deductible.   

The fix:
Smart patients are combining our individualized concierge service in their home — WITH their major medical PPO insurance or Obamacare PPO plan backing us to cover hospitalization, specialists, labs and medications.

Call and we'll help.   (And no, it's not a stock photo.)