Dr Udit Kondal, Quality Director


Teaches new physicians

He also trains new doctors (a preceptor for residents) at the teaching hospital nearby. That’s the top-rated Family Medicine Residency Program founded here at VCMC in 1928, affiliated with UCLA School of Medicine.

Mr 2nd opinion

Dr. Kondal serves as our Quality Director, provides second opinions and runs our quality improvement team that reviews charts and treatment. Patients love his input and second opinions because he listens well. 

He has seen it all

Udit previously provided health care, education and counseling through the New York City Health Department and non-profits for at-risk individuals in Harlem, Washington Heights, and Brooklyn.  His Columbia concentration was in Women’s Studies and Gender Identities.  Dr. Kondal’s 2006 residency was at Mount Sinai Hospital in NY and Jamaica Medical Center, Queens. He has seen it all and believes in treating the whole person.

Real human, with five languages

As the second big-time surfer on our team, Udit likes California even more. His father just happened to be a nuclear physicist, and Udit does stand up comedy in his spare time.  A native English speaker, Dr. Udit Kondal is also fluent in Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi, and is a beginning speaker in Mandarin Chinese

His medical education

Dr. Kondal has the varied background we prize so highly. He graduated from Drexel University College of Medicine, Board certified in Family Practice (ABFM),  and magna cum laude from Columbia University NY.

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