Jared Wong PA-C


Wide range of experience

All his prior hospitals treat a huge range of medical issues —including a substantial number of “knife and gun club” trauma cases.  

When we hired Jared, he already had over 12,400 hours of hands-on clinical experience.   He now also works in the ER of a great local private hospital here.

Top 1/3 for every degree

Jared graduated from Touro College School of Health Sciences in New York with a BS in Health Sciences and a Masters degree in Physician Assistant Studies.  He also holds a BS degree in Earth Sciences from UC Santa Cruz and graduated in the top 1/3 of his class in ALL THREE degree programs.  

Both certified in, AND certified to teach life support ACLS, BLS, and PALS.

Insight into his character

Jared’s volunteer work provides insight him personally:  Los Angeles Search and Rescue team, a year long internship as an Investigator with the Public Defenders Office in Santa Cruz, the Hurricane Katrina Victim Relief Team in New Orleans, 

Add to that six months investigating forgotten medications at the Ancient Medicine Man Research Project in La Paz, Bolivia.  Clearly, he can think outside the box

Jared is also one of our other big time surfers.  His shift almost always start with a very early morning text "...I'm going for a quick surf before starting the day."

Priceless ER experience

Jared arrived in Ventura from high-intensity ERs in very different sized cities:  the 1,000 bed Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in New York, Queens Hospital and Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NY, and Victorville Hospital in CA.  Those are eye-opening experiences for medical staff.