MD Supervised Diet


This is a service we offer only for our medical patients.  Unlike some places, we do not approach this as a "diet clinic".  You can not sign up just for a weight loss program.  We generally discuss this as part of your overall health management plan for existing male or female patients.  

Consider this as a path to reduced weight, which helps your high blood pressure, joints, and cholesterol.  This in turn improves your overall health while reducing the risks of heart attacks or excess plaque in your blood stream.

The diet is based on a prescription hormone which is used to re-set your hypothalamus and encourages your body to burn fat reserves.  We see substantial weight loss around the midsection of the body. There are NO stimulants and NO meals to buy from us (nor any other similar approach).

You are welcome to call us to discuss how this physician-supervised prescription weight loss program fits your life.   

Our fees are about half of what typical clinics charge because we only do this is a service for existing patients.

We recently put several of our patients (and members of the medical staff) through this physician-supervised diet program.   

Their results at day 28 are:
    D,  age 48F, lost 8 pounds
    M,  age 41F, lost 15 pounds
    E,  age 51F, lost 16 pounds
Their results at day 40 are:
    M, lost 23 pounds
    E, lost 25 pounds
    J, age 53F, lost 56 pounds
    N, age 60F, lost 64 pounds

Their results after several rounds are:
    J, age 53F, lost 63 pounds
    N, age 60F, lost 84 pounds

One of the keys to this diet is that the prescription keeps you from avoiding the ravenous hunger that seems to accompany many other diets.  The husbands of E and M both are happy to testify that their wives were pleasant people to be around during this diet.  That remained true even when they went out to dinner.