Nancy Menges PA-C


Deep experience

She also still works for a major clinic in the area that provides both primary care and Phase 3 clinical trials — so Nancy is research-focused and up to date. 

She understands evidence-based medicine from her years in family health at Kaiser San Diego. 

Treat the entire person

Nancy also developed an expertise in the mental health and psychological issues that accompany many problems. 

Soup to nuts

As a PA-C, Nancy can create your entire plan of care, write prescriptions, issue orders for visiting nurses imaging and much more.  

If what you need is a fast trip to the ER, she will send you there AND call the ER doc to the them why.

100 square miles. The only one

One other part of Nancy’s background really stands out. She has extensive experience treating patients in rural and Native American communities around Atwood Kansas and Humboldt California for the National Health Services Corps. 

Those are positions in which medical providers independently see and treat some of the worst versions of everything. She was the ONLY provider in some of those areas.  Medical resources there were SO scarce that Nancy simultaneously served as "the doc" and as the deputy district coroner.

Mom smarts

We are happy Nancy’s independent brain found us. She lives here in Thousand Oaks with her daughter and enjoys camping as a way to recharge.