IV fluids at your home. Hypnotherapy to feel better

IV hydration - at your home or office

IV fluids being given at home

Hung over, morning sickness, Myer's cocktail, immunity boost, or custom blend of IV prescription medications to ease your symptoms ?  We have what you need.

Basic IV fluids $159

Morning sickness IV, anti-nausea with other meds after review of your pregnancy history  $199

IV vitamin/immunity boost $229

Myers cocktail IV $239

Hangover IV with anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory $249

Custom "almost everything" IV $379

Get IV fluid hydration therapy done right at your home, hotel or office. We offer a three step process that results in better answers, better choices, and easier medical follow up.  

1. Start with the initial medical screening, 

2. Followed by our own staff RN at your home, office or hotel to collect vitals, medical history and administer your IV fluids, 

3. Includes a consult from your home with the licensed provider on our team.

Our staff RN administers the IV hydration therapy to help you feel better faster:

Call for details.  No freelance  medical contractors.  Our regular staff are happy to answer your questions.  It's the same 13 person medical staff when you call back.

Group discounts for bachelor/bachelorette, events and parties.

Other supportive treatment: Hypnotherapy


Sometimes your psyche needs a helping hand.  One of our physicians is also a certified hypnotherapist.  

The doctor has used hypnotherapy to improve success rates for anxiety, substance abuse, and other diagnosis that require you to change long standing habits or behavior.  

We know that many life changing behaviors are hard to accomplish all by yourself.  Call to discuss if hypnotherapy can be the right support for you.