Shana Goodro MA & phlebotomist

Shana Goodro MA

She is able to draw everything from basic to very complex labs, including specialized tests that are spun, separated and/or frozen immediately.   

Shana has even larger goals:  next step adds certified Lactation Consultant 

We share Shana's work with one of the largest pediatrics offices in the Conejo Valley, and she loves both types of patients. She's been working for the best pediatricians in town since 2001.  We like her here as well.  Bottom line: If Shana can draw blood effectively on an child who doesn't understand, she can do a fantastic, easy specimen collection for you.   

(If you landed on this page directly)  Shana has a huge pediatric phlebotomy background since 2001, and is both a licensed Medical Assistant and nationally certified phlebotomist.