Beth Brown PA-C


Your entire plan of care

Beth also carries a psychology degree from St. Louis University.  Like all of our providers, Beth is able to diagnose, treat, develop an entire plan of care, prescribe all medications up through Schedule II narcotics, cut and stitch as needed, and admit you to the hospital.


Even though Beth’s winning smile and personality are part time here, she goes a long way to putting patients at ease even during difficult moments. 

Smart. Great skills

As proof we hire over-achievers, Beth is the second one of us who graduated college at age 20.

We don't directly do pain management in this primary care practice, however Beth has a tremendous background in that area.  She often has real wisdom to share with our patients 

Medical education

Beth’s background is Family Medicine with an emphasis on orthopedics and sports.  She trained at Mount Sinai Hospital, Women’s Health Care, Austin Family Health, and graduated with her Masters from Chicago’s Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine.