Want to work here?


We are looking to hire the right part time (or full time) provider to join us. Our medical providers LOVE having  control over when they see each patient.  

It's your decision how long you spend at each appointment.  Every decision we make here is driven by "what's best for the patient".   

We ignore the insurance companies demands for 12 minute appointments. 


At the billing office you will have a medical assistant, operations, and billing staff to back you up.

Your time will be focused on patient care, with as little paperwork as humanly possible.   We have not seen an insurance claim form in years.  

We are happy and smile a lot.

Your best medical judgement rules the roost.  The result:  Patient's love this concierge practice.


We offer a superior level of service at this concierge practice -- and we pay better than the Emergency Departments to hire the very best medical staff.

You can work as much or as little as fits in your personal life.  We are open 24/7, so perfectly OK if you have only certain days or certain times you are available.

We understand work life balance.  The owners of our practice have nine children total, so we practice what we preach.  

MD, PA-C or NP

If you are comfortable with complex cases, please give us a call.  

If you are used to seeing people who have never seen a doctor in 20 or 30+ years, please call us.  

If your experience includes ER or combat medical experience, definitely give us a call.  

If you listen to patients, absolutely give us a call.

We value ER, Family practice, Internal medicine board certifications and  related experience.

We prefer ER or combat-trained medical staff


We never know where we may be treating a patient:  on a mountain top, laying on the floor in their home,  a stunt person or actor on the side of the road, or in a high profile patient's executive office.  

We like members of this medical staff to be adaptable and able to treat a patient in a wide variety of situations.

Any time.  Any place.  It's more than a passing thought for our staff


You must be able to work independently,  Listening well is the second key skill for our staff.  And the third is your ability to quickly put patients and family at ease when you are in their home or their office.

You'll need a clean driving record and car,  computer or iPad for EHR access,  iMessage for encrypted communications between team members, and -- of course -- a spotless medical work record.