Fees - Note: Texts don't go thru the main number

Fees vary depending on travel time to your location and the level of treatment needed. Most of our house calls are between $200 (straight forward pediatrics) and $500 (complex intake exam with visiting nurse and DME orders).  

That is similar to many urgent care centers or Emergency Rooms copay.  We are FAR less once all the ER charges hit your deductable.   

New patients pay their fee via credit card when Dr Crowe agrees to meet you. Concierge and ongoing patients may apply for other payment methods. (Via check, monthly payments, ….otherwise we would have to discuss Roosevelt-era style payments of two chickens or your favorite horse.)

We discovered that many people can actually save money as soon as they remember the size of their deductible.  It’s clearly more satisfying medical care.


Yes, you may use the credit card tied to your Health Savings Account or your Flexible Spending Account to pay for our out-of-network services.  


You pay us and submit the paid invoice (superbill) for out-of-network reimbursement to your individual,  employer or group plan.  Patients report everything from zero to 80% reimbursement by their insurance company.  In almost all cases we are less than your deductible and co-pays through an ER.


The government does not pay for our professional time in your home -- but plain standard Medicare does cover any medications, therapy, durable medical equipment and referrals to specialists on the orders we write for you.   Many folks find that means we are less than their deductables, and FAR less than a non-admission ambulance ride to the ER.  We save Medicare millions in ER costs -- but they still don't pay enough for a doctor to travel to your home.  For now, at least Medicare covers all the expensive things we order for you (labs, visiting nurses, therapy, specialists...)  Plain vanilla Medicare works reasonably well for homebound patients.

Medicare Advantage HMO: Ugh !!  You should call us.  These Medicare HMO plans are all about saving money for the federal government and have very little to do with good medical care for bedbound or homebound patients.  If you are homebound, we suggest you pick a different plan next enrollment period.  Medicare HMOs are all about "saying no" and "load 'em up and transport via ambulance".