Chronic Illnesses


We actively manage all of these major long term health problems and more.

As you look at our current ultra-low 3% readmission rate, you may ask how does House Call Doctor Thousand Oaks perform when managing difficult chronic illnesses?  The answer: very well.  Our specialty is handling complex medical cases in Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Calabasas and surrounding towns.

All of the following chronic illnesses are being managed today in our patient population.  In addition, we have more quadriplegics and long-term multiple sclerosis patients than we ever expected.  Those cases are all a good match for our ER and trauma center trained staff.  

We handle even more than what is listed below, but California's OSHPD doesn't track stats for rarer illnesses like adult onset dystonia (multi-hour full-body spasms).

These longer term illnesses see significant national readmission rates.  California OSHPD tracks these as one-year readmission rates.  Compare these to our own about 3%, yes, that's THREE percent readmission rate: 

55.4%  Emphysema COPD  

53.6  Kidney failure  

47.8  Psychoses  

47.5  Infection of kidney, urinary tract (adult)  

45.9  Lung infection or inflammation  

44.6  Illness of the stomach or esophagus  

44.1  Bleeding in the stomach  

43.2 Diabetes  

39.8 Septicemia  

37.7 Heart artery, inserting a stent (without heart attack)  

37.4 Alcohol/drug dependency  

36.8 Stroke  

28.0 Hip, knee, ankle and foot joint replacements  

28.0   Chest pain    

  7.9 Hysterectomy and related surgeries (not for cancer)    

  5.6  Appendectomy without complications

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