We come to you -- stitches, cuts, and lacerations

Repair of big cuts and lacerations is a race against the clock.  Over a fairly short timeframe the edges of the cut start to curl and heal — nature is always hard at work and will not wait.   

The general rule is that cuts and lacerations need to be closed within about 8 hours or less — sooner if on the face.  

IF you wait, the doctor in the ER has to cut NEW FRESH EDGES on your existing cut.   Disgusting, but true.   Or, the ER may refuse to close the laceration at all.

We have a better way.  Call us.  We will come to you quickly and stitch you up there in your home or office (... or back patio like his in the photo, where we created a sterile field to suture.)

Our cost is MUCH less to do this in your home — far LESS than the typical $1,300 to $3,000 for the same procedure done in local ERs here in this region.    Best news of all:  you skip the big deductible that follows your co-pay in the ER.   

Bonus: No ER wait time hanging out with sick folks.

Medical staff arrives prepared

Numb it up


This long time patient said "...while you are here can you also take a look at this growth on my back?"

Cut it out


A lot of sunlight helps create a clean area to work, add a sterile drape and a pocedure can be done easliy at your home.

We come to you


Our medical staff carries a wide range of medications, IV fluids, IV antibiotics, surgical kit, breathing treatments, oxygen, ECG, ultrasound machine, wound care and more.  We can arrange for everything up through mobile ultrasounds and mobile X-rays in your home