Corine Riedell PA-C

Corine Riedell PA-C

Unusual diseases

She honed her skills in CA clinics caring for people who never ever had a doctor -- seeing diseases and complications that others only read about in textbooks. That's in addition to 18,000 hours of clinical experience at Los Robles Regional Medical Center. 

Clinical, lab and listening skills

We like Corine's ability to mesh her clinical skills, years of matching test results to patient complaints and bedside skills that put patients at ease. 

Diagnose, treat, write any Rx

As a physician assistant (PA-C), Corine is able to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients, write prescriptions, suture lacerations, give injections, IVs, admit to any hospital and much more. 

Published and peer-reviewed

Corine is a published peer-reviewed clinician in her own right, based on her laboratory experience, and a wealth of knowledge.   She is our longest, oldest, staff member. (Kidding about the "old")

Did you miss her medical education

Corine is Dr. Crowe's business partner and comes to us from UC Davis School of Medicine.  She also holds a Masters in Public Health.

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