VIP medical care is private and relaxed at home

Dinan, France.  Our VIP patients have this same lovely old-fashioned feeling about their medical car

Now that you've made a name for yourself, it can feel that everyone has their nose in your business. We believe that if a 45 to 60+ minute appointment with the doctor helps discuss your medical concerns, then you should have it.  We happily sign non-disclosure agreements.  

Always personal, you are never just a number.  Have your personal assistant call us. 

When you've reached the top, you want a private setting far from prying eyes and wagging tongues.

  • Actors 
  • Senior executives
  • Athletes
  • Entertainers
  • Business owners
  • Senior executives

You didn't get to where you are by waiting, and your medical needs require complete discretion.

Yes, we are proud that many of our very private patients have won multiple:




 and Grammy awards,

 directed or produced their own shows,

 run movie studios,

 and call on us to fix their people out on location.

 Many also own their own local businesses, or are  C-level executives at major companies. We appreciate their trust in our team (and the explicit permission of many to mention their role ...without any names).

Our thirteen-person medical staff offers completely confidential treatment and 24/7 scheduling flexibility for patients who need that level of service.