Our Team

Dr. Ellen Crowe

Dr. Crowe, an Emergency Room physician since 1990, is licensed in 

both CA and IN, did her residency in family practice and brings significant family practice experience to you.  In addition to being an ER doc, she is also Board Certified in Family Practice (ABFM)

Elle graduated from the University of Notre Dame, and then earned her Doctor of Medicine degree, graduating from the Indiana University Medical School in the top 1/3 of her class.  She comes from over 20 years as an ER physician at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, and for several years simultaneously served as the Medical Director of the Emergency Department.

When we last slowed down to count, Dr. Crowe has more than 45,000 hours in the Emergency Department with over 110,000 patients she personally treated.

A recent analysis of morbidity and mortality showed her complication rate was the lowest of the hospital medical staff.  Patients typically say they appreciate her care, and consistently reward her with one of the lowest rates of patient complaints in the hospitals. 

She continues to be in high demand as an ER physician, preferring to occasionally help short-staffed hospitals by working locum tenens at those hospitals.  We strictly limit the number of shifts the hospitals are allowed to have her.

Dr. Crowe also served as the Medical Director of the regional Sexual Assault Clinic.  

Our team of doctors, physicans, PA-C, physician assistants and more are here to help you in Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Malibu, Ventura and more.

Corine Riedell, PA-C, MPH

Corine Riedell PA-C

Corine is Dr. Crowe's business partner and comes to us from UC Davis School of Medicine.  She honed her skills in CA clinics caring for people who  never ever had a doctor -- seeing diseases and complications that others only read about in textbooks. That's in addition to 13 years in the clinical lab at Los Robles Regional Medical Center.  We like Corine's ability to mesh her clinical skills, years of matching test results to patient complaints and bedside skills that put patients at ease.  As a physician assistant (PA-C), Corine is able to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients, write prescriptions, suture lacerations, give injections, IVs, and much more.  Corine is a published clinician and a wealth of knowledge.  She also holds a Masters in Public Health and is our longest, oldest, staff member. (Kidding about the "old")

Beth Brown, PA-C

Beth Brown PA-C

Beth’s background is Family Medicine with an emphasis on orthopedics and sports.  She trained at Mount Sinai Hospital, Women’s Health Care, Austin Family Health, and graduated with her Masters from Chicago’s Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine. Beth also carries a psychology degree from St. Louis University.  Like all of our providers, Beth is able to diagnose, treat, develop an entire plan of care, prescribe all medications up through Schedule II narcotics, plus cut and stitch as needed. Even though Beth’s winning smile and personality are part time here, she goes a long way to putting patients at ease even during difficult moments.  As proof we hire over-achievers, Beth is the second one of us who graduated college at age 20.

Aaron Highsmith, PA-C

Aaron Highsmith PA-C

Aaron Highsmith is a great addition to our medical staff. Aaron leveraged his prior 11,000 thousand hours of clinical experience to attend and graduate from  Stanford University Medical School. From 1999-2006 he worked as respiratory care practitioner. During that time he worked multiple facets of healthcare, from attending high risk births and C-sections, to working at a world renowned burn center. His care responsibilities ranged from children to geriatrics, and even critical care transports. He also diagnoses and treats patients at three of the largest hospital Emergency Rooms in the region. We like his wealth of knowledge and experience.  We also have a sense of humor -- Aaron and his giant 4-wheel drive truck get first choice on the mountaintop cases.

Jared Wong, PA-C

Jared arrived in Ventura from high-intensity ERs in very different sized cities:  the 1,000 bed Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in New York, Queens Hospital and Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NY, and Victorville Hospital in CA.  All those hospitals treat a huge range of medical issues —including a substantial number of “knife and gun club” trauma cases.  

When we hired Jared, he already had over 12,400 hours of hands-on clinical experience.  Jared graduated from Touro College School of Health Sciences in New York with a BS in Health Sciences and a Masters degree in Physician Assistant Studies.  He also holds a BS degree in Earth Sciences from UC Santa Cruz and graduated in the top 1/3 of his class in all three degree programs.  He is certified in ACLS, BLS, PALS and also as a respiratory therapist.

Jared’s volunteer work provides insight into his character:  Los Angeles Search and Rescue team, a year long internship as an Investigator with the Public Defenders Office in Santa Cruz, the Hurricane Katrina Victim Relief Team in New Orleans, and six months investigating forgotten medications at the Ancient Medicine Man Research Project in La Paz, Bolivia.  Clearly, he can think outside the box.

Nicole Pablo, MA

Our medical assitant (MA) is a UCLA graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Psychobiology. Her prior experience includes over a year as an MA for a large endocrinologist office, plus time as a nursing volunteer at UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital, and a six month language immersion program working at rural medical clinics in Guatemala. She’s working with us for two reasons: Nicole likes our level of medical care, and in her off hours she can also shadow the rest of the medical team as she prepares for admission to a Physician Assistant Masters degree program. 

As an MA, Nicole prepares prescription refills for the MD’s and PA-Cs, draws blood for labs, performs ECGs, collects vital patient data, and coordinates provider orders for patients.

Gina Faraci, Billing and Operations

Gina has a focus on details and smooth operations that we really appreciate.  As a mobile practice our focus is "...anytime, anywhere."   

That means that every medical staff member needs to be stocked and prepared to be dispatched to you at all hours.   That's an incredibly demanding standard we set for ourselves -- medical kits are seldom here but always ready.  

Gina has a similar focus on coding receipts for patients to submit to their PPO insurance or for their taxes.

Paul McQuillan, business manager

Paul wears multiple hats.  In addition to being Dr. Crowe's husband, COO and Treasurer, he manages sales, scheduling, hiring, training, mobile medical technology,  operations processes, computer systems, billing, strategic planning, marketing, and advertising.   

In his spare time Paul convinces medical vendors to re-write their code, or build smaller battery-powered equipment to support the mobile operations at House Call Doctor Thousand Oaks.  That's one reason we have the world's smallest FDA certified ECG and Ultrasound machines here for improved patient care at 3 AM. 

In his other spare time, Paul is an Academy Admissions Partner for the United States Coast Guard Academy.  So if you have a brilliant student looking for a 100% scholarship...

Dr. Roland Jacobs, psychiatrist

Dr. Jacobs is an adult and geriatric psychiatrist who consults and treats our patients when needed.  He started as a Brooklyn native, raised in New Jersey, and received his medical degree from the Robert Wood Johnson - Rutger’s Medical School.   Roland completed his residency at UCLA and served as an Assistant Professor and Associate Research Psychiatrist at UCLA.   He developed and runs inpatient and outpatient programs in geriatrics, adult and adolescent psychiatry in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.    

Roland is a passionate skier and divides his time between Taos NM and here in Southern California.   His prior education includes a BA in Zoology, and a post-doctoral Scholar in Neuroscience.   Locally he spends significant time helping individual psychiatric patients and has also run psychiatric programs at five regional hospitals.  Even part time, we like the skills he brings to our home-bound and very private patients.

JoJo, our admin office dog

He knows which staff member is returning before their car is even parked outside.  

Some thow a ball for JoJo, and some give him a scratch. You can tell which one the dog is expecting by how he's acting or standing in the hallway.

He's our furry doorbell.

Lots of energy.

Not much production.