Urgent Care. Telemed or Face-to-face, with COVID-19 tests

Dr Ellen Crowe driving to see a patient

We believe that a great urgent care includes follow up.  Most don't.  We do. 

NOTE: We can help you chose a medically appropriate exam: Telemedicine OR Face-2-face.  We do both. In addition, our team travels with IV fluids, anti-viral and anti-nausea meds. Our medical team has thought about and developed our COVID-19 coronavirus protocols since mid January 2020.  Tests for COVID-19 and respiratory viruses are available as part of our appointments.  Call now.

  • Phone followup for the same problem: included.  
  • Adjusting meds after lab results: included.  
  • We include orders for MRI or CT scan as needed after our exam. 
  • If you need IV fluids,  we can add it to your appointment.  

You get to skip the waiting room filled with sick peiople.  We treat you at home or your office.  Call to schedule your appointment. (805) 380-3313

Our thirteen-person medical staff carry common medications to your face-to-face appointment: treatment for influenza, several varieties of antibiotics, blood pressure, diuretics, steroids, injectables, IV fluids and IV medications, seasonal vaccines such as influenza, TB test, and much more.   

We write any appropriate Rx right there in your home or office.  The doctors often hand you a starting dose of the most common medications right from their medical bag.   A face-to-face  appointment with the doctor is required to prescribe medications for you.

 We FIXED urgent care.


Here is a list of the most common urgent care treatments done recently in Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Calabasas, Ventura, Malibu and more,  

IV fluids (Administered in your home or office or movie shoot)

IV antibiotics

Mobile X-rays

Mobile Ultrasounds

Allergic reactions

After-hours urgent care

After-hours pediatric care


Catheters (Foley or intermittent urine catheters)

Cholesterol screening

Chronic conditions


Confidential STD, HIV testing and consultation



Diabetes treatment

Diabetic foot care

Ear aches



Lab tests (Drawn in your home or your office)

- PCR lab tests: respiratory, gastro intestinal, wound and urine DNA tests.  (PCR quickly identifies viruses and organisms that FAIL to grow in standard tests)

- SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) lab test

- Comprehensive stool lab testing

- ALCAT inflamatory response lab tests

- Critical STAT lab tests 24/7 - we drive the sample straight to the hospital lab


Respiratory treatment

Sports injuries

Sports, work, and school physicals

Stitches ( sutures )

Stomach, abdominal, back, or bladder pain


Urgent care needs

Visual acuity tests

Well baby check and physicals

Wound and ulcer care

...and much more.


Travel recommendations

Travel immunizations   ...and more

The doctors carry NO narcotics.