The Doctors
come to you

Encino to Malibu to Montecito CA

Relaxed, better, private at home

"The best upgrade of your life..." Chris G., 2012

  • Pay by the visit, 


  • Monthly ongoing direct primary care.

The doctors travel to your home fully equipped to diagnose and treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries.  More than an urgent care - our thirteen person medical staff makes house calls for primary care that include follow up.

Imagine "old-fashioned family doctors, with the latest expertise and latest medical technology":

  • the most common medications and antibiotics
  • IV fluids
  • IV antibiotics
  • surgical kit for sutures, biopsies and lesion removal
  • Foley catheters 
  • wound care 
  • laboratory blood/urine draws, including STAT tests,  PAP smears, even new genetic PCR cultures
  • Breathing treatments
  • Oxygen
  • ECG machine
  • Ultrasound  (even at 3 AM)
  • and much more

all at a relaxed pace within the comfort of your own home. 

Our thirteen-person medical team can generally arrange for everything up to and including mobile X-rays and mobile ultrasounds in your home.  We provide MORE care and attention than most insurance companies expect.


Our medical staff is known for their compassion, and for paying attention to the tiny details in the overall story that is your health care.  

It's our private practice, so you get the time you want and deserve.