Concierge direct primary care. Low monthly fee

Christmas Day doctors appointment

All your direct primary care consults, one basic price.

Ongoing patients get all the primary care consults that they want for a low monthly fee.  In most cases your initial annual exam is included in your home

    Individual   $89 per month

    + Spouse     $69 

    + Children  $29 each (illness, without vaccines)

This is concierge-level direct primary care exclusively for our ongoing patients. We believe our direct primary care, with the option of more intensive treatment at your home, reduces your total out-of-pocket medical spending AND provides better care.


Ongoing consults 

In addition to your annual exam, we will treat all your unexpected primary care needs in the most efficient manner using methods with the lowest cost to you. Our team is available to answer your questions and manage your primary care as often as you need us — for one low monthly price. 

The relaxed pace of our appointments means we KNOW you.  We do not order unnecessary tests, avoid unnecessary ER trips, and reduce hospitalizations. This is not defensive corporate medicine. This is great care simply by knowing you better. 

Leverage your high deductible insurance 

You can use your existing high-deductible PPO or Medicare insurance to cover outside labs, X-rays, CT and MRI imaging, physical therapy, visiting nurses, specialists and hospitalizations.  

Our direct primary care includes free orders and consults for all of the labs, imaging, therapy, nursing, specialists and hospitalizations described above.

Low cash prices 

While we never recommend being un-insured against catastrophic medical problems, but for those without insurance, we keep track of how to find the lowest cash prices for outside services.   We cover all your primary care.

When you need more hands-on at home  

We offer direct primary care members easy to understand add-on services for situations that need more complex treatment at your home:

For example:

     You walk into the lab for your own blood draw     $    0 

     Phlebotomist  draws labs at your home                 $  40

     Triage, treatment and IV fluids at your home        $ Call

     MD or PA-C treatment at your home                      $ Call

     MD or PA-C complex treatment at your home *   $ Call

* Complex examples include advanced wound care, adjustment  of anti-psychotic medications for uncontrolled patients, and similar situations.   * Longer distance travel has a small surcharge.   

"Tesla fixes my car at home. My doctor does the same for me." Laura G. 2017

Going forward as a direct primary care patient, you have 24/7 phone access, with options for never rushed, same day or next day appointments in your home or your office.

Call now to start your direct primary care.  805.380.3313

Concierge Doctor - Cutting edge - Personal and private

Medicine has changed over the past 20 to 40 years with massive additions of technology and reduced time with patients.  The cherished doctor-patient relationship has evaporated, faded out and mostly vanished.  

We do better.  Our patients feel connected to their doctor.   

This quote from a Washington Post article sums it up nicely:


As a physician “….I would reinvent myself today as a “confidentialist”.  Someone who has the time to really get to know a patient.  Someone available to be confided in.  An advocate, not just for the moment, but across time.  An explainer about what’s wrong; an educator about what will help and what will not.   Someone who has the knowledge and confident wisdom to stand down the legions of specialists with the scalpels, catheters and scopes; the backbone to stand up to bottom-line toeing administrators and self-serving insurance execs and policy wonks.”    - Jerald Winakur MD

It’s a heck of a job.  We love it.

That means that, yes, we will get out of bed at 3 AM and come to you.   We will even listen to you at 3 AM.

If you want this relationship, then it’s time for an honest discussion about how to have a private physician 24/7 and still leverage ObamaCare or an individual PPO insurance in YOUR favor for a change.

Smart patients are combining our individualized concierge service in their home — WITH their major medical PPO insurance or Obamacare PPO plan backing us to cover hospitalization, specialists, labs and medications.

Call and we'll help.