Gina Faraci, MA and phlebotomist


Focus, focus

As both an MA and nationally certified phlebotomist, Gina also prepares prescription refills for the MD’s and PA-Cs, draws blood for labs, performs ECGs, collects vital patient data, and coordinates provider orders for patients.

Ready to launch the alert "aircraft"

She has a focus on details and smooth operations that we really appreciate.  As a mobile practice our focus is "...anytime, anywhere."   

That means that every medical staff member needs to be stocked and prepared to be dispatched to you at all hours.   That's an incredibly demanding standard we set for ourselves -- medical kits are seldom here but always ready. 

Insurance superbills

Gina has a similar detailed focus on coding receipts for patients to submit to their PPO insurance or for their taxes.  When insurance companies fuss about reimbursement then Gina will get on the phone to make them explain.  

Preferably in something that resembles a language meant for humans.