Paul McQuillan, COO and practice mgr.


Chief cook, bottle washer

(continued). systems, billing, strategic planning, marketing, and advertising.   Paul is also the corporate treasurer.

Operations focus, the Navy way.

In his spare time Paul convinces medical vendors to re-write their code, develop new processes, or build smaller battery-powered equipment to support the mobile operations at House Call Doctor Thousand Oaks.  

Everything we do here is controlled by geography.  It is all about the right tools in the right place at the right time. Previously, Paul spent five seasons in Antarctica. He learned that if you didn't plan ahead -- people had to do without.  

That's one reason we have great processes, the world's smallest FDA certified ECG , and a tiny Ultrasound machines here for improved patient care at 3 AM. 

USCGA admissions partner

In his "other spare time", Paul volunteers as an  Admissions Partner for the United States Coast Guard Academy (One son graduated there.  Similar to West Point or Annapolis, but better).  

So.... if you know a brilliant student looking for a 100% scholarship in engineering, naval architecture, management, marine and environmental science or government, just call and ask any questions you may have.  Current value of the scholarship is $320,000.  Current recruiting count is: THREE scholarships.  Looking now for the next great officer, male or female.  Small group leadership experience counts as much as grade point average (Team captain, Scouts, elected class officer, and more).

Paul's boys started as infants hearing his often repeated message "...learn to sail or move out". 

Free time

Between Paul and Dr Crowe they have nine children total.  All are well launched and occasionally phone home.  Paul likes sailing, photography business and science.  He only accepts good tech.  Bad tech makes him speak like a sailor.