Dr. Crowe's experience uniquely prepared her for solving the medical needs of seniors -- and their supporting families.    

Our extended consultation means that our shortest appointment is longer than even the very longest Medicare-allowed time.  While we do NOT accept Medicare for this extended access to the doctor -- all your lab tests, meds and other services will be ordered using the Medicare coverage you have available.

Years of  seeing patients whose needs had changed at home makes Dr. Crowe's team sensitive to the effects of: 

  • difficult changes in routine
  • the less-than-fun aspects of using medical transport just to get to another medical office
  • physical exhaustion and potential harm from sitting in a wheelchair for hours 
  • the need to listen more carefully

Staff is even even able to handle more difficult conditions in the home -- such as bowel impaction, respiratory distress, intractable pain, and even discussions about when hospice is appropriate.  

We understand that often there are multiple family members who want input into decisions about care. We are happy to meet families outside the home for a private discussion.

Pain management

The medical staff is conservative about recommending narcotics (only 5.42% of our census).  Medical staff is open to discussing alternatives such as pure CBD or medical marijuana when medically appropriate.  We have had significantly better outcomes for cancer and orthopedic pain patients by avoiding opioids. 

Competency evaluations can be done in the home when your loved one can no longer manage their own affiars.

We also have a great adult and geriatric psychiatrist who DOES make house calls as part of our team. We know there are major changes at this time in your life. We are a house call doctor in Thousand Oaks here to help you.