Doctor visits at home

Solve major issues. Per visit or Low monthly payment


Our focus is on handling primary care and urgent needs in the home.  We help eliminate unnecessary ER visits and transport.  

  • Pay by the visit, 


  • Low monthly payments  for ongoing direct primary care.

Medical staff are even able to handle more difficult conditions in the home such as: 

  • uncontrolled medical conditions,
  • advanced wound care,
  • bowel impaction, 
  • respiratory distress, 
  • intractable pain, 
  • and even discussions about when or if hospice is appropriate.  

Lymphedema and venous fluid

Our team sees many cases where the venous fluid  leaks through the skin due to excess pressure. We are experts in improving those conditions. 

We come to your home


Doctors appointment, labs, treatment, catheters, wound care, competency evaluation, x-rays, ultrasounds, extended easy consultations, specialist coordination, orders for visiting nurses and much more done at home.  

Pressure ulcer wound care 

We see more wound care cases than most offices.  We spend so much time with wounds that our team discovered that the 1950's treatment (for pennies) is as-or-more effective than modern (expensive) silver-based meds. Call & we'll share.

Never rush your parents


Our thirteen-person medical staff is all about making life easier for seniors.

  • Pay by the visit, 


  • Monthly payment for ongoing direct primary care.

Our appointments are often 45 to 60 minutes actually with the doctor.  
Dr. Kondal and Dr. Crowe's experience uniquely prepared them for solving the medical needs of seniors -- and their supporting families -- at home.   Never rushed.  We provide MORE care and attention than most insurance companies allow.

Labs: better and faster


Labs are a BIG problem for seniors. In addition to normal labs, we also can draw critical STAT labs and deliver those directly to the hospital laboratory.  

We are also one of the very few practices on the west coast who offer PCR gene sequencing tests for respiratory, gastrointestinal, wound cultures, urine cultures and more.  PCR identifies DNA of harmful bacteria -- even of bacteria that refuse to grow in traditional lab agar -- FASTER than traditional lab tests.  

Then PCR plus NGS (next genetic sequencing) QUICKLY provides antibiotic sensitivities that are impossible to get any other way.  Yes, Medicare WILL pay for these tests.  Most insurance companies too.  PCR labs are even inexpensive as private pay for those with no insurance at all.

Other questions


Pain management

The medical staff is conservative about recommending narcotics (only 5.42% of our census at our last count).  

Medical staff are also open to discussing alternative therapies when medically appropriate.  We have had significantly better outcomes for cancer and orthopedic pain patients by avoiding opioids. 

Legal affairs

Competency evaluations can be done in the home when your loved one can no longer manage their own affiars -  or needs proof that they are still sharp as a tack.


We also have a great adult and geriatric psychiatrist to consult on complex medication changes, and who CAN make house calls as part of our team.

No rush.  Our extended consultation at your mom or dad's home means that our shortest doctor's appointment is longer than even the very longest Medicare-allowed time.

While we do NOT accept Medicare for this extended access to the doctor -- all your lab tests, meds, visiting nurses, physical therapy and other services WILL BE ORDERED USING using the Medicare coverage you have available.

Years of  seeing patients whose needs had changed at home makes Dr. Crowe's team sensitive to the effects of: 

  • difficult changes in routine
  • the less-than-fun aspects of using medical transport just to get to another medical office
  • physical exhaustion and potential harm from sitting in a wheelchair for hours 
  • the need to listen more carefully

We know there are major changes at this time in your life. We are a house call doctor in Thousand Oaks here to help you.