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Complex cases

Many patients and their families ask our team for second medical opinions on their medical care.  That includes answering your questions about choosing a treatment path.  We are happy to help you.

We handle an extraordinarily broad range of complex cases — and approach everything with the attitude of “treat the whole patient”. Our providers are exceptional at sorting through conflicting medical recommendations. 

One of the biggest challenges in medicine is that insurance companies have made it difficult for specialists to find the time to communicate and empathetically discuss complex patients. The reason is simple:  specialists are no longer given enough time by the insurance companies.  

That is where we can help.

You may call us and ask for a second medical opinion.  We suggest you check our readmission rates on this website to help you compare skills.

Call us for pricing

We will hear you out, decide how much research time is required, chase down existing lab results and chart notes from all over the world if needed. You will be given a quote for ___ hours and an agreed upon budget of $____.  We will not exceed the budget without your approval.

Please call us and discuss your needs today. We will listen.

This quote from a Washington Post article sums it up nicely:

As a physician “….I would reinvent myself today as a “confidentialist”.  Someone who has the time to really get to know a patient.  Someone available to be confided in.  An advocate, not just for the moment, but across time.  An explainer about what’s wrong; an educator about what will help and what will not.   Someone who has the knowledge and confident wisdom to stand down the legions of specialists with the scalpels, catheters and scopes; the backbone to stand up to bottom-line toeing administrators and self-serving insurance execs and policy wonks.”    - Jerald Winakur MD

One place where lawyers are welcome

Many lawyers also ask us to review chart records and uncover “the rest of the story”.  With this many ER and complex cases in our background, the medical staff provides analysis and expert testimony that stands the test of time.

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